17 Jul

i am sitting in the salt lake city airport waiting for my plane to baord and i have about 40 minutes left to go. the cool thing i discovered today is that i can download my boarding pass to my iphone and that is totally handy so i dont have to worry about printing it.

so as i got through security tbere was a family with a small screaming child and i thought, that kid will probably be pn my plane. now tbey are sitting near me at the gate, but there are three planes leaving in the nearby gates so i am hoping they are on a different flight. on the flight here i co cluded that children in neon orange shirts scream after seeing several screaming kids wearing that. the screaming kid near me now is in neon green, so now im guessing that neon colors make kids scream. they’re glad they didnt have to live through the 80’s.

there is a woman near me on a wheelchair. She is not on my flight but her flight leaves right before
mine. i think she might be on medication. she is very anxious and worried they will forget to bring her on board. she keeps asking me what time her flight is leaving. she asked me to get an attendant to answer her questions, and when i did the attendant gave me a look like she’s been dealing with this woman for a while now. i feel bad for the woman because its probably the meds that are making her act like this.


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Posted by on July 17, 2010 in complaints, travel



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