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These adorable clouded leopard sisters were born recently in a Paris zoo. They are so cute! I want to snuggle with them! Clouded leopards are endangered and they don’t breed well in captivity, so these little kitties are even more special!

The images are from the Associated Press.


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Christopher Walken just got even cooler. Now he’s cooking on youtube! I hope there are more videos of him.

AWESOME!!! The chicken recipe actually sounds yummy. A+D … Read More

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My husband and I decided to have an Edward Gorey themed cake. I made a Styrofoam and paper 3D model of how I wanted the cake to look and took that around to bakeries. The woman who ended up making my cake did a fantastic job. She really got into it. The cake itself was yummy too! My husband and I are on the top, and our two cats are in the tower. We told her we wanted people being shifty, but not murdering each other since it was for a wedding after all.

Front of Cake

Front of Cake

cake left side

cake right side

cake top

our kitties


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Everyone has to look at my friend’s dog Dottie. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!

Sweet Dot Dot Someone rub me!!! NOW….I’m cute… A+D (Image via JB) … Read More


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So this notice was sent out at my work this week. I hope I get to see one!

The Environmental Affairs Program Office has received recent reports of possible mountain lion activities on Laboratory grounds. Mountain lions have been seen in the past on the Laboratory site and may still be present.

About half of California is prime mountain lion (or cougar) country. JPL is part of this lion country. These animals have always lived here, preying on deer and other wildlife and playing an important role in the ecosystem.

Employees are strongly cautioned against interfering with wild animals on Lab, especially large predators such as mountain lions. The following suggestions regarding mountain lions are from the California Department of Fish and Game and are based on studies of mountain lion behavior:

• Do not hike alone. Stay in groups if at all possible.
• Do not approach a lion. Most mountain lions will try to avoid a confrontation. Give them a way to escape.
• If you do see a lion, do not run from it. Stand still or back away slowly. Do all you can to appear larger. Do not crouch down or bend over.
• If attacked, fight back vigorously. Try to remain standing and face the animal.  Shout or scream loudly. Use rocks, sticks, caps, jackets or, finally, bare hands to defend yourself.

If you see a mountain lion or other large predator on Laboratory grounds, notify the JPL Security Office or Environmental Affairs.

Mountain Lion

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