09 Aug

My post about rudeness last week failed to bring about world change. Today people are having conversations in the hall outside my office. I’m kind of used to that so I just close my door most of the way. But then some guy starts having a loud cell phone conversation right outside my door, so I go over and slam the door shut. I don’t think he got the message because he didn’t go away. And I thought having an office would be better than a cubicle, where people have conversations right outside your cube or prop their arms on your cube wall. Do others have no respect for my personal workspace?

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One response to “MORE RUDENESS

  1. flameaway

    November 5, 2010 at 12:40 am

    Okay, I completely agree with you that the behavior of your coworkers is rude. I believe that rudeness is best confronted directly. However, this takes courage because rude people are essentially social bullies. They will not stop until someone makes their rude behavior too uncomfortable to continue. I suggest that you simply walk out of your office stand just a little too close to the individual and stare at them until they make eye contact. They will either immediately realize what the problem is and move along or if they are really brazen and say something like, “what?” simply reply that you have stopped your workday until they have finished their conversation. I will say that should you make a more direct issue of this, you will likely have to deal with some kind of repercussion. It takes commitment to stand up for yourself and a lot of people decide that confronting rudeness is just not worth the effort.


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