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So I just donated blood at work today. I got a free $5 coupon to Daphne’s (I love that restaurant) and for a free ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. A lot of times I am low on iron, and they do the prick test on your finger which hurts like a bitch and my iron was a bit low. So the girl was like, we can check again just in case. So another girl tested my blood and this time it was fine. So now two fingers on my left hand have bandaids on them. And the first girl didn’t have me put pressure on my finger before she put the bandaid on so now it’s all bloody. Nice, huh? Plus when they were done I sat up and felt okay and they’re like, whoa, you look pale. So they made me lie down with my knees up and put a cold compress on my head and neck and the head nurse rubbed my knees and said how nice I was to donate. And then later I had orange juice and a cookie and some pretzels. But I’ll be okay later when I replenish my blood supply with margaritas when A and I go out for a bitch fest. Hurray!! Here’s a nice big picture of my arm. And that’s iodine on my arm, not blood.

It's very hard to take a picture of your own arm while donating blood but I managed.

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Standing on stairs having a conversation with someone while people are trying to go up and down the stairs. GET A CLUE STUPID PEOPLE!!! AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!

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So this morning the ferocious hunting machine Squeaky caught a spider. All hail the mighty hunter!

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