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So I have to link to this post. Yesterday we were over at A and Dottie’s house, and Dottie wasn’t feeling well. She wasn’t even eating the cookies that I brought her from Palm Springs! So S holds a doughnut shaped cookie in front of her, and out comes her tongue and she licks it. Then she proceeds to eat it out of S’s hand while still lying on her side on the floor, and then licks the crumbs off the carpet while moving as little as possible. All hail Princess Dottie, the most spoiled dog in the world.

It’s Hard Being A Diva « A Girl & Her Dot.


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So while in Palm Springs we noticed that there is a lot more smoking going on than here in LA. And while I was taking a picture of the Kathy Griffin star seen in my previous post, I noticed that there was A PREGNANT WOMAN SMOKING so I took her picture too. I was trying to be sneaky about it, so when I looked at it later I realized it’s hard to see her tummy bump, but believe me she is pregnant. And too bad I didn’t photograph her face because she should be seen by others and then publicly criticized and humiliated, like they did in the middle ages. But if you recognize this woman by her clothing, feel free to yell at her for the sake of her baby.

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OH MY GOD IT’S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

So hubby and I were in La Quinta this weekend staying at a condo owned by a relative. It was HOT! Over 100 degrees every day. So we did the sensible things to stay cool such as swimming, drinking margaritas, and drinking margaritas while swimming. Hubby doesn’t swim well, and we have discovered that he doesn’t float. I guess this is common to men because of their higher muscle/bone density. So we bought some long floaty things at the 99 cent store and I pushed/pulled/dragged him around the pool. It was fun.

We drove down to Palm Springs, which was the first time we actually went to Palm Springs while staying in La Quinta. I guess on the main drag they have their own celebrity stars, like on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We took this picture just for our friend A:

Kathy Griffin is hilarious, and the gays love her, which is why she has a star in Palm Springs, I’m guessing. And speaking of the gays, my hubby and I went into a very nice antique gallery that had beautiful paintings and artifacts, a fantastic eclectic collection. I saw this and thought of my friend who commented on my Prickly Peni post. Hopefully he will leave another comment:

Yes, it is a glass phallus. And I totally would have bought it but it was $95.


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I have been collecting books since I was little. I have books in my parents’ attic that are for my child when I have one. I have the first scifi/fantasy collections I ever read, like Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time series and Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series (don’t see the horrible movie). Could I ever give these up? What if they aren’t available when my child is old enough to read them (if my kid is even interested in those types of books)?

Here is a blog about becoming minimalist, and breaking your addiction to owning (not reading) books. Could I ever do this? I have been thinking of donating a couple of collections of my books to local groups where young adults are in need of books (such as juvenile detention centers). Here is a summary of her tips to whittle away at your book collection:

1. write down why you think you need to keep it (sentimental reasons)

2. go through your “still need to read” pile and get rid of books you haven’t read yet and it’s been over 6 months.

3. give some books to friends who might like it.

4. have one shelf for those books you would want if you were trapped on a desert island.

5. organize non-fiction by topic and see if there are any that overlap too much, and you can get rid of some

6. get rid of multiple copies (if you own hundreds of books, chances are you’ve accidentally purchased two of the same).

I still don’t think I could get my collection down to 20 books like the author of this blog did.

Breaking The Sentimental Attachment To Books | Becoming Minimalist.


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This video makes me think of the poor kitty that couldn’t jump of a table, here. It also makes me think of Dottie. Dottie would probably just be standing there saying, “You get the damn ball, and my feet are getting wet in this puddle. Why are you torturing me like this?”

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