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I found out that while I was in Palm Springs over the weekend the Fuzz were at my apartment building. There are three tenants in our building who are all friends since before they moved into our building. I’ll call them 1, 2, and 3. 1 enjoys blasting his classic rock ALL DAY LONG and everybody in the building can here it. (As a side note there is also a professional violinist in our building and I’d much rather here him practice, it’s beautiful.) 1, 2, and 3 were out by the pool late at night, talking loudly, playing music loudly, and most likely intoxicated. Somebody called the cops on them to complain about the noise. And for the rest of the weekend 3 goes up to every other tenant she sees and demands to know if they are the ones who called the cops on her. Apparently several other tenants have complained about her so it’s hard to tell who did it. I feel bad that I missed the drama.

I called the cops for a noise complaint a few years ago for someone in our building who was having a party with their door open and it was about 1am. I forget if it was a weekend or not. Our building manager, who lives off site, has always said to call the cops and not him because he’s not going to come over in the middle of the night and do anything about it. When the cops finally arrived to tell those folks to be quiet, I felt SO GOOD. It might be bad to feel that way, but after for suffering for a long time while trying to get to sleep, bringing down the cops on someone feels really damn good.

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People who block the line to the soda dispenser while they check their text messages.

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I think A totally needs to transport Princess Dottie around like this.

Lazy dog by ~alltelleringet on deviantART.


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