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These are pictures from Jay Walker’s custom built library. I want to live here. It is the coolest library EVER!! I figured I should post these since earlier today I posted a picture of a library castle and went on and on about being a nerd. Nerds are cool, as this library attests to.

These photos and the accompanying article were first published in Wired Magazine and can be found here.


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I consider myself a nerd. I like nerdy stuff. I like (good) sci-fi, fantasy, horror, Star Trek (original and NG only), reading, playing video games, excel spreadsheets, libraries, databases, and other various nerdy pastimes. I’m not as hard core as some others, but I can hold my own. So when I was in Little Tokyo this weekend for the annual Nisei Week celebration and saw this shirt in a shop, I had to get it.

I’d also like to add that when I got it home and laid it out on the floor to take this picture, Squeaky promptly came over and lay on top of it.


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On Saturday my husband and I went to the Nisei Festival in Little Tokyo. We saw our first ever competitive eating contest. It was very exciting once it got underway. The contestants had to eat as many gyoza (Japanese dumplings) in 10 minutes as possible. This event was even sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). Those are the folks that do the famous hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s hot dogs every year. Now I want a hot dog for lunch.

Anyway, here is a slightly blurry picture of the event:

The contestant in the pointed hat down at the bottom tied for 4th place, and I think he was an amateur. He ate 64 gyoza. The winner, who is an international competitor, ate 189!! That’s almost 19 per minute! That’s just insane. One of the competitors who wasn’t a professional ended up puking, aka a “reversal of fortune.” It was fun. We bought frozen gyoza at the market afterward.

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So my friend A from A Girl and Her Dot is usually the one to post stuff from apartment therapy, but being the one with the Library and Info Science degree and the book lover, I figured I should post this one. It’s a beautiful room, but if I had that much space there’s be a hell of a lot more books in it!

Library at Penrhyn Castle

The Library at Penrhyn Castle | Apartment Therapy New York.

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