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I’ve disconnected cable!! What is going to keep me entertained when I’m not at work or sleeping or in the bathroom? My husband had to go through half the day without it! We had to talk to each other during dinner! After dinner we spent time looking on hulu and netflix-on-demand to see which of our favorite shows we could still watch.

We’re not anti-TV now, we just didn’t feel like paying over $60 a month for cable, especially when it keeps blacking out during the last 30 minutes of Project Runway. Damn the cable company!

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I love doing something interesting on the weekend because then I have stuff to post on my blog for the rest of the week. Then everyone will think I lead an exciting life, which I don’t. While in Little Tokyo this weekend, at the shop where I bought my Nerds Need Love Too shirt, they have a store kitty. Here he is ignoring me and catching some sun in the window.

Stores with pets are instantly better than other stores. There’s a great sewing shop in South Pasadena called Common Thread and the woman that owns it has a cute floppy fluffy dog named Luca that will follow you around and play fetch with you. Here is a fabulous picture of her I just found on their website:

all set for rainy days

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Saturday at the Nisei Week Festival in Little Tokyo there was a bonsai exhibition. I love bonsai trees, they are beautiful works of art. I would try it if I didn’t kill every plant I touched. I bought one once for my husband back when we were dating in college. He didn’t water it so it died. Some bonsai trees can be decades old, and takes a lot of dedication and skill to turn a simple plant into a work of art. Here were some of my favorites. And now that I look at them I realize my iphone camera was getting a really narrow range of focus, which is annoying because there was really good light and I thought they all looked good at the time. Stupid camera phone. The captions are just what I think of when I look at the trees.

banded colors



leaning tree

alpine tree

this one needs miniature squirrels

tiny forest


sitting in the fork of the branches

pot belly


bonsai rock

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