24 Aug

Saturday at the Nisei Week Festival in Little Tokyo there was a bonsai exhibition. I love bonsai trees, they are beautiful works of art. I would try it if I didn’t kill every plant I touched. I bought one once for my husband back when we were dating in college. He didn’t water it so it died. Some bonsai trees can be decades old, and takes a lot of dedication and skill to turn a simple plant into a work of art. Here were some of my favorites. And now that I look at them I realize my iphone camera was getting a really narrow range of focus, which is annoying because there was really good light and I thought they all looked good at the time. Stupid camera phone. The captions are just what I think of when I look at the trees.

banded colors



leaning tree

alpine tree

this one needs miniature squirrels

tiny forest


sitting in the fork of the branches

pot belly


bonsai rock

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