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Now, I’ve always wanted to have a planter made out of an old toilet. The plant would be coming out of the bowl, and also the tank in the back. I once had a toilet planter after I found a used toilet on the side of the road and put it in my car and then made Hubby take it up to our apartment. I loved it, and had a nice succulent in the bowl. But it was on our patio that faced the courtyard of our apartment, and some little old lady living there at the time complained to the landlord so I had to get rid of it. It wasn’t like it was dirty! In the future when I have my own place I want an entire bathroom set in my future backyard filled with plants. Sink, toilet, and bathtub. It would be cool.

But earlier this week I saw this. I want it! I would use it as lawn furniture.


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So the other day Hubby and I were coming home from running errands, and we’re at a stop sign near our apartment and there are kids walking home from elementary school. So it’s elementary school, these kids can’t be more than 10 years old, 11 tops. So one boy is skipping across the crosswalk, and seems very happy. BUT HE HAS MAN BOOBS!!!! They were bouncing as he skipped! At first we chuckled, but then the utter horror of the situation set it. A 10 year old so overweight that he had breasts. For those of you who don’t know what man boobs, or moobs, are, here’s a look from one of my favorite movies of all time:

When a child is in elementary school, they really don’t have much control over what they eat or how much activity they get. So this weight problem, unless it’s some thyroid thing, is the fault of the parents. How can they let their son be so fat? Give him healthier things to eat! Make him get off the couch and do something! Go to the park with him! He’s going to be diabetic by the time he’s 20 and then die of a heart attack before he reaches 30. It’s insane! Seeing kids like that totally makes me angry! I mean yes, I’m overweight, but that’s my own damn fault cuz I like food too much and have no willpower. But I would do everything possible not to let my child get like that!

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Yesterday Hubby and I went to an Italian deli near us. They have a little restaurant attached that’s cafeteria style, and then a deli counter and grocery area. They have a great selection of food, cookies, dried pasta, cheese, and meats. Here’s their meat counter:

And here is there wonderful gelato:

Here is the gelato that Hubby and I got. on the left is blood orange, and on the right is tiramisu. The blood orange was like eating a divine Creamsicle. And the tiramisu is my favorite. Plus we have the little spoon shovels that make eating gelato even better.

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So a few days ago I complained how hot it was, and then bookjunkie said it was in the 90’s in Singapore but it was super humid and it rained. I told her that it didn’t rain in Los Angeles at this time of year, and it only got humid enough to be annoying. So to prove me wrong it rained today, complete with thunder and lightning. It was neat, although the kitties hid behind the couch. Here is a picture from our living room window.

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Today I remembered that trash pickup is early, and that gardeners start mowing lawns early in the morning. Oh well. I had to get up eventually anyway.

So I updated my resume and started looking for work. It’s a good idea to keep a list of all the sites you should go through to look for a job so you don’t forget any. And keep a list of all the jobs you have applied for. Sometimes I get an email about a job and I have no idea what they’re talking about so I have to look up what it is.

Friday I shall but in a claim for unemployment insurance. They have a chart on the website so you can calculate when the best time to apply is, based on how much you were making 6 months ago. So that’s why I’m waiting until October 1st.

I have been cooking a lot more since I have the time to do it, and then Hubby puts the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, which is nice. I would be taking the time to clean the apartment and donate stuff to Goodwill but it is still way to hot to move, so I have to wait a bit. Here are some pictures of Squeaky to make this post more interesting.


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