03 Sep

I don’t know if any of you are following this story. I find it fascinating. Two women in MacArthur Park were in the basement of their building which is used as storage. There were some trunks down there that had been unclaimed for years, so the two women were going through them. They found some interesting items, and at the bottom of the trunk were two doctor’s bags. The women opened one bag and removed something wrapped in newspaper from the 1930’s. Unwrapping it carefully, it turned out to be a mummified baby. Afraid to open the second bag, they called the police. During the police investigation it was discovered that there was another baby in the other bag. It appeared as though one was a fetus and one had been carried to full term. Now the quest began to find out who these babies were, what happened to them, and who the family was.

In the next several weeks investigators tried to track down the owner of the trunk. And today they release their new findings, along with this picture:

I love the picture, which is why I wanted to post the story. It was found in the trunk, along with the fur wrap she is wearing. Here is the full story from the LA Times.

Please pardon the gruesomeness of this post, but I think it is absolutely fascinating the way the cops are unraveling this mystery. They are going to be performing DNA tests soon on the babies and the surviving relatives of the woman in the picture. They still don’t know how the babies died. I’m going to guess that the mother had a miscarriage with one and a stillbirth with the other. The father, being a dentist, had access to the doctor’s bags. However, being in the 30’s and still recovering from the Depression, they were unable to afford funerals but did not want to just discard the bodies. So they wrapped them up, possibly to bury them later. I don’t know why they never did. But I don’t think the babies were killed, they were probably natural deaths.

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