Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

I’M SIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby got me sick, damnit. My Monday off was spent sleeping half the day cuz I felt like crap. And it’s worse this morning but I still went to work. I have my own office so I feel I can adequately isolate myself from others. I’m hoping to take a nap during my lunch break. And you know what else sucks? I have a tiny pimple under my nose, just above my lip, dead center. Yesterday and today I tried steaming it away but it didn’t work well.

I had a fun weekend up to when I got sick, so I’ll post about them later. I don’t know how people manage to post on the weekend. I tend to stay as far away from my laptop as possible. So this weekend’s updates will include:

  • what I watched on Netflix since I no longer have cable
  • saying “SCREW YOU!!” to AT&T
  • visiting my mom
  • a trip to Little Tokyo

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