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Hubby and I are totally fed up with AT&T. We use them for home phone, internet, and cellphones. And they get way too much of our money each month. Plus, when we’re trying to use the internet we constantly get dropped or have a super slow connection. So why the hell should we keep paying them $28/month?

So we just bought this cool new device from Virgin Mobile called the mifi.

It is a wireless router that runs on the Sprint network, but we actually pay a monthly NO CONTRACT fee of $40. Yes, it it more than AT&T, but it actually works! While we still get dropped, it is much less frequently than with AT&T, and it’s much faster. I would much rather give more money to Virgin for something that works. Plus, it comes with happy packaging:

Soon we may cancel our contracts with AT&T for our cellphones and get Virgin pay as you go plans. But wait, doesn’t it cost a lot of money to break your contract with a cell phone carrier? Why yes, it does! But this weekend I performed a cost-benefit analysis, and learned that if I break my contract with AT&T for my cellphone with texting and data plan, plus purchase a new cell phone from Virgin, I still will save $950 over the next 19 months!! That’s the remainder of my contract. That’s $50 a month. For $25 a month from Virgin I can get unlimited texting and data plan, plus 300 anytime minutes. I only use about 100 minutes a month anyway. So F*CK AT&T!!!


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Yes, it’s actually raining a bit. A heavy drizzle. I love the rain. The deer don’t seem to mind it too much. It almost makes up for the fact that I”M STILL SICK. Blech. I went home early yesterday and slept and ate udon soup and popsicles and slept and watched Netflix on demand and slept some more and felt crappy. I was going to call in sick again today but my stupid internet wouldn’t work (hence an upcoming post, SCREW AT&T!!!). And I got so frustrated I just said screw it, I’ll go to work, shut the door, and sleep in my office.

Here is a picture of Squeaky sleeping in a pile of crap in my bedroom. It’s her new favorite place to sleep. So now I can’t clean my room, can I?


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