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Appelina got bored Saturday night so went to an adult store in Hollywood called Pleasure Chest and bought me some candy. Mmm, candy!


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Yesterday Appelina and I went to the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica for an introductory class on printmaking. We did two kinds of printing. One was silkscreening and the other was with a rolling thing normally used for etched prints. We sucked at the rolling thing. Here is a picture of one of my hands after washing it a million times. I was using green ink.

We were both much better at the screening prints. Here are to prints that I made. The first is on muslin, and the second is on some IKEA fabric. The gray flowers are part of the fabric.

Now we can make our own prints at home and get ink all over our apartments.

Afterward we went to Shoop’s Delicatessen. It’s a cute little German deli. I had the German salami on a baguette, and Appelina had a southwestern omelet. It was very continental of her. Here is a picture of the remains of my sandwich.

It was very good. If you are in the area I suggest stopping by, the service was great and they had a mini store too where I bought a chocolate sampler. They also had German sausage made in California. I like the little man on the sausage.

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