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Remember my post about how I can never be minimalist because I can’t give up my books? Well here’s away to get them off of your bookshelves but still keep them in your home!

Make furniture:

Build a fort:

And my favorite, which is available on etsy from Typewriter Boneyard:


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So yesterday was okay. I didn’t have an emotional breakdown or anything, although I was sad. My mom, Hubby and I went to dinner and then shared a scoop of very good vanilla ice cream with hot fudge on top and whipped cream and slivered almonds. Sundaes can make anyone feel better.

Here is a picture of Squeaky curled up on the couch in a fuzzy blanket. A bit of cuteness to start the day.

Look how adorable I am. Now you can't be mad at me for puking on the carpet.


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