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Last night I was at a dinner meeting that included a tour of a historic building in Hollywood and ended with dinner on the rooftop. The building is currently used for record storage but was originally a bank. Here are some photos.

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So last Sunday Appelina and I went to a printmaking class in Santa Monica. As we left the parking lot to go to the class we saw four people with a brindle pit bull puppy holding it by the collar. We asked what was up and they said that a truck had gone by and the dog had jumped out of a window. They got the dog out of the street and tried to flag down the car but couldn’t. They said there were other dogs in the car so maybe the driver didn’t realize this one had jumped out. A traffic cop was there and he had called animal control and they were waiting for animal control to get there. These were four people from out of town who were doing a wonderful thing for this puppy. I forgot to take a picture of the puppy but he looked like this:

Just look how adorable that puppy is! The one from the truck was so cute and friendly, everyone was coming up to pet him and he was having a ball. I am going to rant in list form today. Here I go:

1. Put a damn seat belt on your dog, they sell attachments in pet stores. If you are going to keep your windows wide open, or keep your dog in the bed of your truck, secure the pup so he doesn’t get out!

2. Put a damn license on your dog’s collar! Not just a barbell key fob thing! If this dog had had a license tag on his collar we could have just called the owners, and then I could have yelled at them in person.

3. How can you not F*ing notice your dog fell out of your car you total a-hole? How would you like it if I shoved you out of a moving vehicle? Let’s see if you fare as well as your puppy!

4. Bastards should not be pet owners.

5. Stupid people should not be pet owners.

We consoled ourselves with the thought that this is a cute adorable puppy who is very friendly and if his owners do not pick him up at the shelter he will probably be adopted quickly, possibly to a better home.

My advice today: if you are stupid or a bastard or a stupid bastard, give your pets to a nice, smart person instead. They will know how to take care of them.

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