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So on the radio earlier this week I heard the news people say repeatedly that the current recession ended LAST JUNE. Stupid employed politicians and economists thinking that everything’s better now. I was ready to punch my radio, but then I remembered I was going to be out of work soon so couldn’t pay for medical.

I guess they forgot to tell the millions of unemployed people that they should get back to work. I was unemployed for 7 months since the recession ended, and since today’s my last day at my current job I’m going to be unemployed again! People keep saying it’s a “jobless recovery.” Well if there are no jobs, and everybody is still collecting unemployment insurance or they’ve been unemployed for so long their insurance has run out, it’s not really a recovery, is it?

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I love these Halloween costumes for babies. 2 people I know are having babies, although not in time for this Halloween. When I eventually have a kid he/she will be dressed like a cute little animal all the time. And when I have a dog it will be dressed like some other animal.

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This was just so nice. If only humans could show this much appreciation to the men and women deployed overseas. I found this on I Has a Hotdog. If you turn up the voume to hear the puppy yipping in happiness it will make you cry.

I’d just like to add that to get that video to embed, I had to go to the viddler site that hosts “I Has a Hotdog” videos, search “hoam” and then click on embed from there, and choose the embed wordpress option. Argh, what a hassle. But a nice video.

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