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Hubby and I went to my favorite tempura restaurant yesterday. It’s a little mom-and-pop place in Burbank called Tokyo Yakitori. They do teriyaki chicken, beef, and salmon, the best tempura you’ve ever had, and assorted other Americanized Japanese items. I got the veggie tempura, and Hubby got the salmon teriyaki combo that comes with tempura, and both come with rice and salad. I put those red pepper sprinkles on my rice. Yum.


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On day two it is time to prepare yourself to seek new employment.

First, designate a location in your home to be your work area. I chose my desk. So then I had to clean it. I took all the crap that had piled up on top of it and put it in a heap on our workout bench, since we haven’t used that in a while. And ta-daa! You now have a home office.

Whew, that’s enough for today. You don’t want to over do it. Especially since it’s A MILLION FREAKING DEGREES OUTSIDE and only slightly cooler in my apartment.

I’ve learned it’s harder to post stuff when you don’t have cable TV to watch and you don’t want to go on your computer cuz the internet connection sucks ass so you have no way to stay abreast of current events. Maybe I should try going to the library down the street. That would be interesting. I wonder if you’re able to connect wirelessly there. Or I could go to Coffee Bean. I hate Starbucks. Bars should have wireless access like coffee places do. Now I’m just rambling because I’m tired and have nothing exciting to talk about. So I’ll go now.

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It’s fall and it’s been over 100 degrees for days and will continue to be unbearably hot for days to come! ARGH!!! The sun has sapped me of all energy which is my excuse for being too lazy to post anything.


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It’s Day 1 of being unemployed. If you happen to have your last day of work on a Friday, don’t include the weekend. Your first day of unemployment starts on the first day you would have worked if you still had a job. So what should you do?

Charlie in my sock drawer.

First, sleep in at least 2 hours longer than you would have if you had to get up for work. I usually wake up at 6am for work. Today I slept in until 9am, not counting when I got up to feed the cats to stop them from screaming at me for breakfast. If your spouse or significant other is still employed, make sure to rub it in that you get to sleep more.

Second, eat breakfast. It’s best if you cook it yourself. Make some coffee, scramble some eggs, toast some bread. Take your time eating it. Use a real plate and silverware, sit down and enjoy yourself. Read the paper. You should do this every morning when you’re unemployed, because for so many there is no time in the morning for a real breakfast.

Shower so you feel clean and refreshed. Take your time in there too. Enjoy the water, the smell of the soap. Put on some comfortable, clean clothes. Don’t wear sweats though. You’re unemployed, not a slob.

Now do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. Just watch TV or read. Enjoy your day of nothingness. Don’t stress about being unemployed. Save that for Day 2.

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So on the radio earlier this week I heard the news people say repeatedly that the current recession ended LAST JUNE. Stupid employed politicians and economists thinking that everything’s better now. I was ready to punch my radio, but then I remembered I was going to be out of work soon so couldn’t pay for medical.

I guess they forgot to tell the millions of unemployed people that they should get back to work. I was unemployed for 7 months since the recession ended, and since today’s my last day at my current job I’m going to be unemployed again! People keep saying it’s a “jobless recovery.” Well if there are no jobs, and everybody is still collecting unemployment insurance or they’ve been unemployed for so long their insurance has run out, it’s not really a recovery, is it?

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I love these Halloween costumes for babies. 2 people I know are having babies, although not in time for this Halloween. When I eventually have a kid he/she will be dressed like a cute little animal all the time. And when I have a dog it will be dressed like some other animal.

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This was just so nice. If only humans could show this much appreciation to the men and women deployed overseas. I found this on I Has a Hotdog. If you turn up the voume to hear the puppy yipping in happiness it will make you cry.

I’d just like to add that to get that video to embed, I had to go to the viddler site that hosts “I Has a Hotdog” videos, search “hoam” and then click on embed from there, and choose the embed wordpress option. Argh, what a hassle. But a nice video.

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