05 Oct

Last week Hubby and I watched a documentary called Food Inc. Let me warn you, if you are at all squeamish or sensitive to horrible animal cruelty, do not watch this. Or at least skip the first 10 minutes. It will make you never want to eat mass-market meat again. It’s absolutely disgusting. So after I watched it I decided to be vegetarian, with the exception of eating meat when I know that the source is sustainable and humane, like meats from Niman Ranch or Whole Foods Market. So for the most part I eat no meat.

I feel kind of sheepish about this, no pun intended. I make fun of my vegetarian friends, in a good natured way. And now I am one, sort of. I need to find a name for a vegetarian that only eats humanely raised and slaughtered meat.

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Posted by on October 5, 2010 in animals, food and drink


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  1. Jane

    October 5, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    I just watched this yesterday and I was very glad I don’t eat meat. Besides the awful way the animals are kept and slaughtered that whole thing about cleaning the hamburger filler with ammonia (I think it was) to kill any germs was kind of nasty. Had to love that guy who actually lets his animals run around the fields when he was killing the chickens. Sitting there all casual with all that noise going on behind him. I do eat chicken every now and then but I always make sure it’s organic free range, same with eggs. I like to know my chickens were happy and ran around before I ate them.


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