13 Oct

Last night Squeaky (pictured above) started meowing strangely. We went over to have a look and she was batting everything on the floor, like lint and kitty kibble. We figured she had seen a bug and was now trying to find it again. So I started looking around, and found a tiny cricket near the wall. So I picked up Squeaky and put her face to face with it. She started batting at it and it hopped over her, so I had to pick her up and show her where it was again. Eventually she got it under both paws, and kept whacking it until it wouldn’t move anymore. Then she ate it. We were very proud of her. Reminded me of the Simon’s Cat video I posted HERE. I think this is the first bug she has ever killed in her 6 years of life.

Our first cat Manson (named after Marilyn Manson, took after Charles), would attack crickets all the time. But he would just mangle them, and when they couldn’t move any more he would loose interest and then I had to flush them down the toilet. Here is a picture of our precious evil kitty Manson, looking especially evil in this photo as he hogs the couch.

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Posted by on October 13, 2010 in animals, cats, food and drink, fun, naughtiness


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