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I loved our room in Park City. We were staying at the Snowflower Resort, which is one of those condos/timeshare/hotel deals. I had won two nights there at a silent auction. It was very cute, and I will show pictures of the interior later. But for now, I must tell you of the view from our balcony and master bedroom. Shall I let the pictures speak for themselves? I think I shall.

YES!! It is a cemetery! And upon check-in at the resort I asked the ski dude working behind the desk if it was haunted, and he said “Oh yeah.” Although we did not experience any hauntings. If my mother-in-law found out about this she would probably freak out saying I was inviting things to come back with us.

This is the Glenwood Cemetery, a place filled with history, as well as miners, immigrants, and members of fraternal organizations (aka secret societies). It’s a neat place to go and learn about local history. Here is a tour.

the front gates

right after entering the gates you cross a small stream. is this intentional since some people believe that spirits can’t cross moving water? hmmm.

remember friends as you pass by, as you are now so was I; as I am now, you will be, prepare for death and follow me.

no pain, no grief, no anxious fear, can reach the peaceful sleeper here. an 8-year-old child’s grave. a large amount of the graves were for children 10-years old and younger. winter births and various diseases meant high infant/child mortality rates. very sad.

a grave with a seal of a fraternal society, although I’m not sure which.

a grave of a Woodman of the World, one of the fraternal organizations, who often used logs as part of their grave stones.

a kitty hunting in the cemetery, probably lives at one of the condos. i like cemetery critters.

broken fence – no stream to prevent ghosties from following you home if you exit this way!

gates from the inside out

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