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So Appelina and I tried a new place for lunch, called “I Love Tofu and BBQ.” They don’t have a website or I would link to it. It’s a Korean place, just a little hole-in-the-wall, run, it seems, by Korean ladies. Appelina got the chicken bowl with rice and veggies, and I got the Curry Tofu Stew, medium spicy. Both of us ate for only $16 total (no beverages, just water), and A’s chicken came with a small bowl of daikon soup and mine came with a very tiny salad. First they brought out my rice scoop, bowl, and an egg. When I got the egg I texted my husband to ask him what the hell I was supposed to do with it.

Then our assortment of side dishes came. This is my favorite part of Korean food. My favorite is the slices of fried tofu, the picked daikon, and the spicy cucumber.

Here is the very hot stone pot my rice came in. The waitress said she would help me with it because it was very hot but then she never came back so I used my napkin to lift the lid. Later she came back to put the rest of the rice into a bowl for me. But she left most of the crispy rice in the stone pot which was sad.

Here is my curry hot pot. It was bubbling like a lava pit. I broke the egg into the curry and stirred it up, which is what I think I was supposed to do with it.

And here is the adorable tiny dog we saw on the way back to work.


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Yesterday I had lunch at a vietnamese lunch truck called The Mandoline Grill. It was very yummy. I was going to get the tofu Bahn Mi (sandwich) but then I said screw it and got the grilled pork banh mi. It was GOOD. Appelina got the chicken Bun (noodles). I also got the vietnamese iced coffee, which was only okay. I’ve had better. Here are pictures:

I don't like cilantro (coriander)

Bun (noodles) with chicken

The truck had nice artwork.

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The 33 trapped Chilean miners have all been rescued after about 69 days underground. Their story is truly amazing. For the first 17 days they had no contact with those on the surface, and did not know if any rescue operations were taking place. Yet they still rationed their food, maintained order, and kept hope alive that they would be rescued. Chile and other countries, including the US, worked together to bring all of these men out alive. It shows that one of the strongest human emotions is hope, even against all odds. These men and their families will now need to readjust to life, and they still face many psychological and emotional hardships. Let’s hope they stay strong. Here are some pictures, released from the Chilean government:

In this photo released by the Chilean Presidential Press Office, the last miner to be rescued, Luis Urzua, gestures as Chile's President Sebastian Pinera, right, looks on. (AP Photo/Chilean Government, Hugo Infante)

In this photo released by the Chilean government, miner Carlos Barrios waves to the crowd while emerging from the capsule that brought him to the surface. Barrios is the thirteenth of 33 miners who was rescued after more than 2 months trapped underground. (AP Photo/Hugo Infante, Chilean government). My mom told me that this capsule was built by NASA. I also heard that NASA psychologists that specialize in working with people living in small spaces (like on a spaceship) went to Chile to help.

In this photo released by the Government of Chile, miner Daniel Herrera Campos embraces his mother after being rescued. Herrera was the sixteenth of 33 miners. (AP Photo/Hugo Infante, Government of Chile)

I think this was one of the first miners to emerge. And no, they're not wearing sunglasses to be cool, after being in the dark for 69 days their eyes are now unaccustomed to the light. The miners were also given sweatshirts to put on before coming up because the temperature in the mine was about 90F and it was significantly cooler above ground.

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Last night Squeaky (pictured above) started meowing strangely. We went over to have a look and she was batting everything on the floor, like lint and kitty kibble. We figured she had seen a bug and was now trying to find it again. So I started looking around, and found a tiny cricket near the wall. So I picked up Squeaky and put her face to face with it. She started batting at it and it hopped over her, so I had to pick her up and show her where it was again. Eventually she got it under both paws, and kept whacking it until it wouldn’t move anymore. Then she ate it. We were very proud of her. Reminded me of the Simon’s Cat video I posted HERE. I think this is the first bug she has ever killed in her 6 years of life.

Our first cat Manson (named after Marilyn Manson, took after Charles), would attack crickets all the time. But he would just mangle them, and when they couldn’t move any more he would loose interest and then I had to flush them down the toilet. Here is a picture of our precious evil kitty Manson, looking especially evil in this photo as he hogs the couch.

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Here’s installment two of my trip to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Here are all my animal pictures. I love photographing wildlife. If only the animals would sit still long enough for me to get a shot! These are some of the more cooperative critters:


Here is a bunny. Look at the light shining through his ears!



Here is a yellow finch. It was harder to get a good picture of him because he was so backlit by the sun.



Here is a sunbathing lizard.



Here is a Western Gray squirrel. These aren't seen as often because the Eastern Fox squirrel has taken over their habitat in the cities and suburbs.



Look at his cute little feet!



This picture is a bit blurry but you can see how big and bushy his tail is.


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