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Last week Hubby and I went to Franklin Canyon park and brought along Miss Dottie for a nice walk. Miss Dottie was being quite the lady, until she tried to drag me into the duck pond so that she could eat one. Oh well.

Here is Miss Dottie with the lake behind her.



A mallard duck. Looks almost like a watercolor painting.



A wood duck!



Male and female wood ducks, with a mallard in the background.



A turtle sunning itself in the warm weather.



A pretty orange tree.



A redwood tree.
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Hubby made a drink with blood orange juice and vodka, so I call it The Shank. Cuz it’s a bloody screwdriver, get it? And so pretty!

1 oz. vodka

1.5 oz. blood orange juice, fresh squeezed

.25 oz. lime juice, fresh squeezed

.25 oz. simple syrup


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Here are some pictures from hiking at Stough Canyon near us. We like nature.

Looking down into the Valley.
More vistas.
An old boy scout camp that burned down a long time ago.
Part of the foundations, with graffiti that looks like the “lost piece” from the Shel Silverstein book.
More graffiti in a water cistern. Funny and freaky at the same time.
Pretty tiny flowers.
Mourning doves in a tree near the visitor’s center. How many can you spot?
More mourning doves, all lined up.
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Last week Hubby and I went to have an adventure at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens. It was very pretty and the weather was great. Here are some pics:

Snowy mountains in the distance.

More snowy mountains in the distance.

Blossoms on a Manzanita plant.

Purple Sage.

Either holly or toyon berries, not sure which.

A cute little mushroom.

A cute little cactus.

A gray squirrel. These are native to California, but the Eastern Fox squirrel, which you see all over the place, have pushed this cute furry native out of its habitat so you mainly see them when you get closer to the mountains.

A cute little bird, although not sure what it is.

A California Thrasher, notice the long curved beak.

Hubby is demonstrating the camouflage capabilities of his plaid shirt. Can you spot him?

Hubby hiding again. He's like a chameleon!



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Hubby and I were at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden when we came upon this rare site: pinecones mating!!

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On New Year’s Day we went to Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs. Here are some pictures:

The mouth of Tahquitz Canyon.

Shadows on the canyon wall.

Jagged crests of the canyon walls.

Pretty canyon walls.

Canyon floor, looking like more "Moon Country."

Part of the path we were on, a very rocky bit.

The Tahquitz river at the mouth of the canyon.

A very blue bit of the river.

River looking down the canyon.

River looking up the canyon.

River with a big rock in it.

Part of an old Native American irrigation system from about 150 years ago.

A California Red Barrel Cactus.

Beavertail Cactus.

A tiny plant growing in a crack on the rock, possibly white sage.

An old grinding stone.

A Costa hummingbird sitting. There were TONS of hummingbirds in this canyon. You could hear their little twitterings all over.

A hummingbird flying. They like the Chuparosa flowers.

The waterfall at the back of the canyon, about a mile in.

We thought the boulder at the base of the waterfall looked like a snake's head.




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For New Year’s Eve Hubby and I went to Palm Springs. On 12/31, we went to the Coachella Valley Preserve, which has marshy areas and palm tree groves, a real oasis in the desert. Here are some pics.

A lonely poofy cloud over the freeway, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

This toilet seat cover rotates so you sit on a sanitized toilet every time! I love technology!

This is one of the bridges through the palm grove. The palms grow close together so it's very dense.

A stump of a palm in the middle of other palms.

Palm leaves intertwining. I think palms in Los Angeles would do this too but gardeners trim off the dried up leaves leaving only the green on top.

Baby tree amidst grownup trees.

Looking straight up.

A bird living in the palms, still not sure what kind it is.

Raccoon prints!

McCallum's Pond at the oasis, very high saline content. Crystal clear.

Walking away from the groves into "Moon Country."

A Vista Point!! In honor of my dad who could never pass by a good vista without taking at least 20 photos.

A bit of "moon country," the Coachella Valley desert.

More desert. Since it is winter it was in the 50's. We hiked for 2 hours, which we wouldn't have been able to do in the summer.

Snow!! But so far away...


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