04 Jan

On New Year’s Day we went to Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs. Here are some pictures:

The mouth of Tahquitz Canyon.

Shadows on the canyon wall.

Jagged crests of the canyon walls.

Pretty canyon walls.

Canyon floor, looking like more "Moon Country."

Part of the path we were on, a very rocky bit.

The Tahquitz river at the mouth of the canyon.

A very blue bit of the river.

River looking down the canyon.

River looking up the canyon.

River with a big rock in it.

Part of an old Native American irrigation system from about 150 years ago.

A California Red Barrel Cactus.

Beavertail Cactus.

A tiny plant growing in a crack on the rock, possibly white sage.

An old grinding stone.

A Costa hummingbird sitting. There were TONS of hummingbirds in this canyon. You could hear their little twitterings all over.

A hummingbird flying. They like the Chuparosa flowers.

The waterfall at the back of the canyon, about a mile in.

We thought the boulder at the base of the waterfall looked like a snake's head.




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