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4 days until the one year anniversary.

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Hubby and I were hiking at Stough the other day when we saw a guy walking down the hill with his adorable 8-week old Siberian Husky puppy! I yelled, I need to pet your puppy! He also let me take a picture of her. Her name is Bella.

She was too excited about nature to sit still long enough to take a good picture, so here’s a picture of husky puppies I found online so you can see how adorable husky puppy faces are.



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Recently Hubby, his friend who I will call Sandy, and I went to the Stone Brewery in San Diego. Stone brews an assortment of great craft beers. Sandy is big on beer and even brews her own in her garage. So we all went on this adventure, and I got to be designated driver on the way home. Hurray for me! We went on the brewery tour and then had lunch at their organic and locally sourced restaurant. Here are the pics.

This is their logo, carved into the restaurant wall. Sorry, it's a bit blurry.

Vats full of beer. Mmmm.

This is the freezer where the hops are kept. That is our tour guide, I forget his name, but he was funny.

Here is some malt that is added for flavor and color. Mmm, chocolate!

Here is some point in the beer making process. I have no idea what's going on, but there is spilled beer. Apparently the big beer companies like Budweiser spill more beer in a day than Stone brews all year, or something like that.

This is the machine that fills up the bottles of beer.

This is the end of the production line where the bottles are boxed up.

Kegs full of beer! Sorry, another blurry picture.

Here is the bar at the restaurant. It shows all the beers they have on tap as well as some of the bottled beer they sell. They don't just serve Stone beer, but other local craft beers.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the main meal. Sandy got mac and cheese, Hubby got wild boar BBQ ribs, and I got a great Cuban sandwich. For dessert I got this "Limbo Pie" which had coconut and caramel sauce on top. Mmmm!!!

There was a small pond INSIDE the restaurant that had fishies in it.

Here are fishies in the pond in the gardens outside the building.

There is a large pond outside the building and there is a little waterfall with a Buddha statue under it.

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