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Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my dad’s death and I feel like crap. I haven’t felt like doing anything and spent most of the day eating carbs. Dottie was nice and brought me some flowers. There are lots of nice images on cute overload to express how I feel today.

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Watching movies like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Big, and even Ghostbusters growing up always made me want a slide or fireman’s pole in my house. Wouldn’t that be a better, faster, and funner (I know that’s not a word) way of going downstairs than using the stairs? Well, the Japanese have created the perfect house for me! These photos and the house are from Level Architects in Japan.

Outside, it looks plain and ordinary.

But inside it’s awesome! Here are the living room shots. Note the ball room:

And the hallway lined with bookshelves. I still think I would need more shelving for all my books:

But the best part is the slide going from the third floor to the bottom floor!

those kids are happy.


You know all the adults in there were going down the slide too, just not on camera. Here is a design drawing of the house. Notice how the figure at the bottom of the slide has its arms up as if saying, HURRAY!!

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So near my mom’s house is a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho-King Delicious. And if you’re white like me (so I can make fun of white people) you probably have no idea how to correctly pronounce Pho, so you pronounce it “fuh,” which makes the name of this restaurant hilarious. Here are the pictures of our lunch:

Their business card, which has the address on it.

The inside was actually pretty spacious.

The interior with the menu board, which is backlit so you can't read it in my photo.

The condiments at every table: soy sauce, chili sauce, sriracha chili paste, hoisin sauce, and reusable chopsticks.

Hubby got the Pho Combo, which had beef, tendon, tripe, and other bits that white people don't usually like. It came with eggrolls, and the standard additions of lime, cilantro, bean sprouts, and jalepeno.

I got the pork Bun, which actually means pork on top of cold noodles (no broth), and not pork on a bun. It comes with fish sauce, peanuts, and under the noodles is lettuce and herbs, plus a cut up egg roll. Yummy!

Mmm, it actually looks healthy!

The guy who took our order behind the counter had a nice tattoo on his arm that looked like this:

This isn't his tattoo, but a similar one I found online.

I don’t know what the disposable chopstick wrappers look like in Asian countries, but many times in American restaurants that use disposable chopsticks, one side of the wrapper has instructions on how to use them properly.





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