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Since I’m still currently unemployed, I have begun watching A LOT of movies on Netflix streaming. So I’m going to share them with you, since whenever I talk about them to Appelina she wonders how the hell I find these movies. Most of them are going to be from before 1979, and most of them are going to be classic science fiction or horror, and possibly foreign. And we’ll start off with:

A Bucket of Blood, 1959, no rating, staring a bunch of people I’ve never heard of and directed by Roger Corman, who I’ve also never heard of. I’m not very good with remembering stuff like that.

I liked this movie. It was cute and funny, although it was supposed to be a horror movie. It’s one of those campy B-movies that might have been scary 50 years ago, but not now. Right away you know it’s going to be funny because it takes place at a club full of Beatnik artists, complete with turtleneck sweaters and berets. There’s this guy who is the bus boy, and nobody respects him because he’s simple, naive, and has no artistic talent, but he really wants to fit in and have all the Beatniks think he’s cool.

So he goes home one night and tries to sculpt, but has no luck. While he’s messing about with the clay, he accidentally kills his landlady’s cat. (He stabs it with a steak knife. Don’t worry, I don’t think it suffered much.) He thinks, oh crap, what am I going to do now? He does the logical thing of course, and covers the cat in clay and presents it to the Beatniks as his sculpture. He is instantly cool.

But now all the Beatniks expect him to create more! But he has no talent, what will he do? Well, he’s a lucky guy, because he accidentally kills an undercover cop with a metal skillet so now has a body to cover in clay. The Beatniks are very impressed. He is really working his way up the Beatnik social ladder.

While everyone is oooing and awing over our new artist, the owner of the club accidentally knocks over the cat statue. A piece breaks off and he sees fur underneath. The owner then realizes that there must be a dead body under the other statue as well! But does he say anything? No, because he’s making money off the statues.

In the meantime our artist has run out of dead people, so now he is being proactive and intentionally killing people. This can only lead to trouble, and it does! Not only do people realize that there are corpses in his statues, he is being haunted by those that he killed! Oh no!

And I will stop there so I don’t spoil it, although you can probably figure out how it ends. Anybody want to guess?

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Today Hubby told me that there are Google ads on my blog. Since I’m logged in all the time I don’t see them. I logged out and checked out my site and a few others and I still didn’t see the ads, but I saw them on his computer. I don’t know why that is happening. But he did point out that one of the ads was for In-Home-Pet-Euthanasia! What the hell is up with that? It was even on my post of “Too Adorable.” I don’t want people to look at an absolutely adorable kitten and think of pet euthanasia! So I just want to make sure that people know I have nothing to do with them.

Here is a funny picture to make you feel better:

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My head will explode if I don’t scream from looking at THE MOST ADORABLE KITTEN EVER!!!

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Here are some pictures from the Santa Anita Depot, a historic building at the Los Angeles Arboretum. It is full of quaint old things, like the electric light sign and the shortbread muffins that I was told are older than me.

ancient shortbread

ancient card catalogues, the drawers on the right are made of cardboard

old electric light sign, don't worry, it's not harmful to your health!

an ancient pencil sharpener which probably works better than electric ones

i would love these in my apartment!

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