10 Mar

I just got finished watching Burnt Offerings, a horror from 1976, and the only name I really recognized was Bette Davis, although her part wasn’t that big.

It’s about a family that rent an old house for the summer from this crazy woman (Bette Davis) and her brother. The only catch is, their mother is in the house and never leaves her room, so the family has to take care of her for the summer too. But the house is so cheap, the family agrees to it. Here are the brother and sister:

So they move in, the mother, father, son, and the father’s aunt. From the very beginning, the mother starts acting strange when it comes to the old lady that comes with the house. She says she is the only person allowed into the old lady’s room, and throughout the entire film, until the very end, we never see inside the room. It’s a mystery!

Meanwhile strange things start happening! And each time some horror afflicts the family, the house seems to clean itself up a bit more, as if it’s feeding off of the family’s suffering! The aunt ends up dying, and the house grows a new roof! The father wants to leave at this point and tries to take the boy with him but the trees on the property stop him! The kid almost dies three times in this film before the mother finally gets the hint and wants to leave. But as they are about to leave, she remembers the old lady in the house, who we still haven’t seen, and goes back in to tell her goodbye. She doesn’t come out, so the father goes in after her. But what will happen next? Do they escape? I’m not telling, you have to watch it.

This was a pretty good movie, considering it’s the 70’s and there is a different standard of horror back then. This movie only relies on suspense, there really aren’t any special effects in it like blood and gore. It makes me think of the Amityville Horror, but that wasn’t out until 1979. It was decent though.

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