12 Mar

I hope the survivors in Japan get the help they need so that things can get better soon. The largest earthquake I’ve every been through was a 6.8 in Northridge, and that was horrible, but still it doesn’t compare to what all of these poor people are going through. It makes me appreciate the things I have, and also reminds me to get prepared in case an earthquake strikes here.

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One response to “JAPAN

  1. bookjunkie

    March 13, 2011 at 12:38 am

    The Japanese are some of the nicest people ever. They are so dedicated and polite. This is from my experience with a work colleague many years ago.

    Japan is also my favourite country in Asia. You just can’t help falling for her beauty and just everything. Some of the footage shot from afar just seem so unreal and toy like. So hard to imagine….


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