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Why don’t people ever run away from things in movies? No matter what country the movie is from, people never run away!

And if this spirit is possessing women, and when you kill the possessed woman she looks like the original woman again, you’re not really being effective. ┬áSo when you behead the last woman because the ghost needs to be ┬ábeheaded in order for her to stop coming back, wouldn’t you really need to behead the corpse, and not the possessed woman? Why don’t people realize this in the movie? Because then I guess you couldn’t have one last minute of “Oh shit, the ghost is back!” before it goes to the credits.

It follows the usual Japanese storyline of:

“Oh no, there’s a ghost!”

“That’s the same ghost that haunted this area when I was a kid!”

“What can we do to stop it?”

“Don’t worry, I know all about the ghost, so I can defeat it!”

“Hurray, it is defeated, although almost everybody is dead!”

“Oh shit, the ghost is back because we didn’t really stop it!”

Aside from these things, The Slit-Mouthed Woman was a pretty decent horror movie. The Japanese don’t normally come out with bad horror movies. Although this one has violence against children, it kind of deals with mothers who abuse their children, so if you have issues with that don’t watch this. But it was decent nonetheless.

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Here are red and redish flowers. Unfortunately I forgot what most of them are. Maybe I should take notes next time.

on a bottle brush tree

this may be upside down, i'm not sure anymore. oh well, still pretty.

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