07 Apr

Within two minutes I was about to turn this movie off because it was just SO DAMN HORRIBLE!!!!

But then the first vampire died who was just absolutely annoying so I thought, okay, maybe I can deal with this. I mean, would you want to watch a movie with this guy in it for 90 minutes?

So I kept watching and was rewarded with a midget clown!!

There is also a lady painted in tiger stripes:

And she’s just in a G-sring and paint. Plus there is the magic of editing! Where for once second there is a black panther and then in the next it has magically transformed into a vampire!! How did they do that?

There’s also a strong man in a leather skirt for the ladies.

So for these things we can overlook bad acting, bad dialogue, bad sets, bad costumes, and of course absolutely no historical accuracy whatsoever.

Okay, this bit is so hilarious that I had to stream the movie on my laptop so I could do a screen capture and take the image myself. A VAMPIRE WITH CAVITIES!!!!


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Posted by on April 7, 2011 in movies, naughtiness


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