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A B-Movie from 1982. Wonderfully bad. But the best thing is that it’s a trilogy! But the next 2 aren’t on demand so I’ll have to get the DVD. Basically it’s about siamese twins, one of which is normal and the other is a head with hands sticking out of the normal kid’s side. They are separated from each other at age 12 against their will. When they are older they seek revenge on the three doctors that separated them and left the deformed one to die.

Man: “That was delicious.”
Woman: “So are you. Come on, have some more.” [wine that is]
M: “No really, I’ve had enough.”
W: “Nonsense, we’re just beginning.”
M: “Listen, if I have any more, I’m liable to…” [makes motions that we would slobber on himself]
W: “That’s alright, I like you drunk. You’re cute when you’re slobbering.”

“We’re Siamese twins.”
“Funny, you don’t look Oriental.”

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Damn, I just got some chili from Tommy’s on my keyboard. Oh well.

Anyways, while at the Arboretum we got to see the orchid greenhouse. The Arboretum has a nice setup. There is a greenhouse for orchids for the public, and the orchids in there are potted. Then there is the orchid growing greenhouse, and when the orchids are in bloom they take them to the public one for display and switch out those that have lost their flowers. That way the public can always see orchid flowers and they don’t kill any by cutting them.



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