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Wow, that was a lot of irises. Thanks for putting up with all of them. Here are some birds as a break from flowers. Then it will be more flowers for a while. Sorry about this, but I took a lot of them. But don’t worry, they are pretty, and plus at the end of the month I will have a treat for you! Hurray!

A peacock lounging on a wall.

A peahen nesting in the flower box outside the LA Arboretum gift shop.

Here she is facing the other way. If you see nesting birds, don't pester them. I took this with a strong zoom lens from far away.

A hawk at Franklin Canyon.

I think this is a merganser, a diving bird.

A heron perched in a tree.

The heron scratching his head so you can see some long head feathers sticking up.

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