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In between two sections of the Children’s Zoo in Central Park is the Delecorte Clock, sitting atop a grand brick archway. I didn’t know anything about it at the time I took the pictures but the sculptures were so cute I had to photograph it. Apparently during the day on the hour and half-hour it plays nursery rhyme tunes, but I guess I wasn’t near enough to hear it when it did. The clock is named after donor George Delacorte; the animal figures were created by Italian sculptor Andrea Spadini. It was dedicated in 1965.

A tambourine playing bear

An elephant playing an accordian

A goat playing horns

A hippo playing the violin

This kangaroo and her joey are playing horns

A penguin playing a drum (I think)

These two monkeys that sit atop the clock strike the bell on the hour.

On the north side of the arches are two statues that I also thought were delightful. They are Frederick George Richard Roth’s Honey Bear and Dancing Goat bronze sculptures dating from 1935.

I love this bear statue. It's almost as if it's dancing to the music of the clock nearby.

This one was cute too. It's placed near the petting zoo which seems appropriate.

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