03 May

The Bethesda Terrace is one of the first structures ever build in Central Park, being completed in 1863. It is popular for tourists and locals alike. The terrace was built to complement the nature around it, and the decorative elements of the terrace illustrate this. There are carvings representing the four seasons as well as the times of day. Unfortunately I didn’t know that while taking pictures so I just took pictures of the stuff that looked interesting. If I had known I would have sought out the specific carvings. There is a sculpture on staff full time to take care of the carvings, most of which are in soft sandstone.

An owl and bat - representing Autumn?

This witch and jack-o-lantern surprised me. Halloween!

A book and lamp

A house with haystacks(?) in the background, possibly representing the harvest.

I thought it was funny that there was bird poop near the rooster. The statue poops!

I think this represents dawn, or maybe Spring.

The view of the lake from the terrace.

The Bethesda Fountain. I forget which angel is supposed to be in the center of the fountain.

Another nice view.

And another view with a blooming saucer magnolia in it.

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