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A portion of Central Park was kept more natural than the rest, and it is called the Ramble. Its paths are twisted and confusing, a nice place to wander around and get lost. You can even imagine you are in a forest somewhere instead of in the middle of Manhattan. And apparently the Ramble is a historic place for homosexual meetings. Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

Since at least the early 20th century, the seclusion of the Ramble has been used for private homosexual encounters. In the 1920s, the lawn at the north end was referred to as the “fruited plain” and in the 1950s and 1960s the Ramble was feared by many as a haven for “anti-social persons.” In the early 1960s, under Mayor Robert F. Wagner, Jr., the parks department proposed building a senior center in the ramble with the hope of curbing gay encounters and anti-gay assaults. Today, the Ramble’s strong reputation for cruising for sex has given way somewhat to nature walks and environmentalism. However, some in the gay community still consider the Ramble to be “ground zero for outdoor gay sex”, enjoying the “retro feel” of sneaking off into the woods. A tradition much older than Christopher Street and FireIsland, the Ramble continues to be a gay icon even in the more open environment of modern New York.

And here are some pictures of the Ramble. Sorry, no shots of sex in the outdoors.

A rustic gazebo to relax in.

The ceiling of the rustic gazebo.

A squirrel digging around in a muddy area.

Look at the mud on his nose and hands! So cute!!

A different squirrel in the same area.

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That is what I am calling the new drink I just invented. I should give it a better name like “I Popped the Cherry on my Ice Cream” but I’ll stick with Berry Cherry Vanilla for now. Here is a picture of it:


I took the picture up close so you can’t tell how big my glass is. I just poured stuff together but here is how I would write the recipe.

One big glass full of ice.
One part Chambord (raspberry liqueur)
One part Kirschwasser (German cherry alcohol so it’s not too sweet – you could probably use cherry vodka as well)
Two parts Rompope (a creamy Mexican vanilla liqueur)

Mix well with your finger (because I’m classy like that) and enjoy!

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