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Here are some animals I saw in Central Park. Even though it’s in the middle of Manhattan there are tons of birds and small mammals to see.

This is a female bufflehead duck.

This is a male bufflehead duck.

This is a female cardinal.

This is a male cardinal. Aren't his colors amazing?

This is a common grackle. He's a bit blurry but you can see his cool iridescent colors.

This is a 10-month-old Golden Mountain dog puppy. I forget her name. A golden mountain dog is a new breed that is a cross between a Golden Retriever (for the size) and a Burmese Mountain Dog (for the color). She was very cute and I got to pet her.

A merganser. For some reason I can never get one of these in good lighting.

A nesting Canadian goose.

A robin.

A female (top) and male Ruddy Duck.

A male sparrow.

A female sparrow. She looks so cute and fluffy!

And a squirrel with a nut looking cute.

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