15 May

While walking around Manhattan we came across this awesome Chinese import store. It was like all of Chinatown in Los Angeles rolled into one store. It was two stories, plus a loft-like space for a tea shop. Here are some pictures. Here are some dragon heads:


They had a lot of nice clothes. Against the wall in the back you can see bolts of cloth that you can buy by the yard. I got some gold and purple fabric with dragons on it.


A complete dragon hanging from the ceiling.


Adorable lanterns. I want the piggy.


Here are some Bruce Lee banners.


And one last dragon photo.


This place also had a ton of imported food and candy, including the grape chewy candy That I love (HI-CHEW) that is becoming very hard to find in LA.

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Posted by on May 15, 2011 in shopping, travel



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