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Last weekend, Appelina, her boyfriend J, and I went to the Dwell Design show at the LA Convention Center. It is full of artisans showing off their crafts, vendors showing off their new toilets and fridges, hipsters, and chickens. Here are a few of the miscellaneous interesting things we saw there.

The entrance to the Dwell Show.

Some kids stuff - a table topped with layers of colored paper for coloring. That would be neat to have if you're a kid.

This deer ink drawing was part of a room display. I just liked it.

A cute little sink. I wonder if water splashes out of it easily.

A cute hanging mirror made out of a repurposed bag or possibly an old hat box. Without trying to, I got a really nice reflection it in. I want it.

A cute little wall projection. It would be neat if you could switch the images whenever you wanted to.


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We got another box of veggies and fruits. Here are some of them. Plus a nice healthy looking breakfast that features NONE of these fruits and veggies!


Romaine lettuce, carrots, and cilantro

Gypsy peppers


Fresh squeezed orange juice, tea, some sort of melon from the Korean market, a whole wheat waffle, and eggs. Yummy!



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Carnies, or carnival workers, are the stuff of legends. Like American gypsies, they have their own culture, which outsiders seldom penetrate.

Picture from sfgate

Recently I came across a news article from 1957 that mentioned a riot at a fair in Palo Alto. I found it quite entertaining. Here is a direct quote from it:

“Hey, Rube,” the traditional battle cry of carnival people, rang out and show workers rushed forward with tent stakes, wrenches, and anything else they could grab.

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I saw this posting on I Haz a Hotdog, and it it just so sweet! A kitty being a seeing eye cat for the dog! Animals are truly amazing.

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Dogs are opportunists, and the only reason they get away with it is because they are so cute. The other night Hubby and I were coming back from dinner and we stopped by Appelina’s apartment to give Dottie a piece of steak from my sandwich. She gobbled it right up. And while we were all chatting, Dottie then decided to eat the rest of Appelina’s Monte Cristo sandwich that was on a plate on the floor. She didn’t eat the baked potato though (she’s watching her carb intake).

This reminded me of my first dog Natasha. One day when I was little I had a hamburger from McDonald’s. The door rang, and I left my burger on a TV tray on the floor. When I came back the bun was still there but the patty was gone. Oh well.

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