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Who knew that chickens were so trendy? Here are some fancy designer chicken coops.

Cute ventilation holes.

It's hard to see the interesting cutouts of the plexiglass, but it's neat.

Here's another cool chicken coop.

Nice roof.

There was a little boy looking at these chicks, and he asked the woman taking care of them, "How come the baby chickens come in all colors but not yellow?" which I thought was really cute. She told him that chickens come in all colors. It was funny. A little blurry, sorry.

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There were a TON of bathtubs at the Dwell show. I wish I could have one of these pretty, giant tubs.

Nice and simple. I should make one of those wood planks to go over my tub so I can put my champagne glass on it!

I think I would hurt myself on the hard edges of this tub.

This matte finish was surprisingly smooth.

This is my favorite. It made me think of a cereal bowl. I would want to get bath toys that looked like Cheerios.

This faucet looks so phallic!! And the tub is hand-hammered copper.

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