25 Mar

While stuck at home today because of the rain I watched a very bad movie on Netflix: The Shrine (2010).

It supposedly takes place in Poland so I thought it was a foreign film but it’s American. Three Americans, a journalist, her boyfriend, and a female intern go to Poland to investigate the disappearance of a college student/backpacker. The two women gaze upon this evil statue that is eternally shrouded in fog. The locals capture them, and kill the intern in a strange ritual. They are about to kill the journalist but her boyfriend rescues her. As they try to escape she turns into a demon because anyone who gazes upon the statue turns into a demon thing. Makeup was similar to the Exorcist but without the pea soup. So the locals, and with the help of the boyfriend, kill her. Then the next day when he is about to leave the town he asked a local, what is that statue? And the local says, it’s a curse from long ago that can’t be lifted. THAT’S IT?? That’s all the explanation I get? I sat through 84 minutes of bad props and makeup and dialog and Polish accents and acting and that’s it? Damnit!

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