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On the National Geographic website there are a couple of articles on newly discovered sea creatures. Of course, these critters have been around for a very long time, but a recent research expedition is cataloguing them in an effort to protect the Philippines’ rich oceanic biodiversity.

A beautiful purple crab.

A sea "pancake" that makes me think of a blini, sour cream, and caviar.

A sea pen. Apparently the part of the creature that looks like a quill pen is buried in the sand.

A brightly hued sea slug on a colorful landscape.






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I just had to repost this from Pkitass. I think we all suffer from procrastination sometimes.

All I Know Is This.....



To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.


So if blogs had social workers I’m 100% sure I’d be visited my them, I’m also pretty sure I’d be court ordered to take blogging classes. I’ve been neglecting it in such a way that I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t blogged since  (I’ll be right back I need to go check the date) February  26th! February 26th that’s 8weeks or 56 days ago. Wow! Now if only I had a good enough excuse to give you all, maybe If I told you I was out saving puppies and kittens or out curing world hunger it wouldn’t be so bad.  But sadly it’s just plain laziness and lack of creativity.

I did however google how to Stop Procrastinating and I found a small list

1. Stop thinking. Start doing.

The thing here is if I stop…

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