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How does this woman know what my kitties do? I laughed at the belly swing, my last cat used to do that. One of our current cats, Squeaky, has the flop down perfectly. Charlie is a good Linebacker and Prairie Dog.

From Everything Kitties, and also on I Can Has Cheezburger.


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My kitties gave me a birthday present!!

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My friend M just sent me a bunch of pictures and a story about this man who started a nonprofit haven for cats, called Caboodle Ranch. It is a 30-acre ranch that has 500 cats living on it that are cared for, fed, given shots, love, attention, etc. Here are links to their sites. It’s a fantastic story. I love kitties.

Caboodle Main Page

Caboodle Ranch Blog

Craig, the founder, on a walk with some of the residents.

a very happy and comfy kitty

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I love doing something interesting on the weekend because then I have stuff to post on my blog for the rest of the week. Then everyone will think I lead an exciting life, which I don’t. While in Little Tokyo this weekend, at the shop where I bought my Nerds Need Love Too shirt, they have a store kitty. Here he is ignoring me and catching some sun in the window.

Stores with pets are instantly better than other stores. There’s a great sewing shop in South Pasadena called Common Thread and the woman that owns it has a cute floppy fluffy dog named Luca that will follow you around and play fetch with you. Here is a fabulous picture of her I just found on their website:

all set for rainy days

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If you haven’t heard of Simon’s Cat or seen any of the cartoons,  you need to do so. But for now here is the latest installment, where Simon’s cat is left alone with a box. I was laughing out loud with this cartoon. Any cat owner will recognize this behavior.

You can watch all of the Simon’s Cat cartoons on the official website.


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