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There is an ant invasion in my kitchen. Every day there is a new swarm of them. This morning I had to clean out my booze cupboard and wash off all the bottles and then spray down the cupboard with Raid. DAMN ANTS!!!


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IT’S HOT!!!!!

It’s about a billion degrees in the Valley today, and only a few degrees cooler in my apartment thanks to my crappy air conditioning. Somebody get me a tropical drink!

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Sad spoiled puppy doesn’t like to get her toes wet after the rain. This is Dottie on her VERY short minute walk.

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I hurt myself today. And not just to see if I still felt. (That’s a reference to a song. Anybody know the name of the song?)I hurt myself today. And not just to see if I still felt. (That’s a reference to a song. Anybody know the name of it?)
I was carrying a large box down the narrow stairwell of my apartment building and gauged a chunk of my knuckle off on the stucco. It didn’t hurt right away but I knew there was going to be damage. I waited until I got to my car before I looked at it. Don’t you love it when you can see a giant pit where your flesh used to be? And then it takes a few minutes for the blood to start oozing? I ended up going to the pharmacy to buy knuckle band-aids and antiseptic spray before going to the post office. Here’s what my finger looks like now (warning: contains icky images):

It may not look like much but it’s deep.

I would also like to complain to the makers of cameras how hard it is to use a camera if you don’t have the use of your right hand. You need to use your knee to hold the camera and then your left hand gets in the way of the flash when you try to push the shutter button. That’s why the top photo is blurry. Camera makers are so inconsiderate.

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So today I am at jury duty, and I am hoping that I do not get called for a jury. I have stuff to do this week. So let me start off with some of my complaints.

1. Apparently there are two court houses where jurors are supposed to show up. I did not know this, so when I saw a big long line of jurors outside a courthouse I got into it. After being in it for about 10 minutes I found out I was at the wrong spot. So then I had to rush over to the other location.

2. There is a woman six feet from me who is hacking up a lung. I’m going to be so pissed if I get sick. They should put her in another room. They should have a closet for sick people.

3. There is a rude person who is sitting in a chair and is using another chair as a foot rest, so his legs are totally blocking one of the walk ways and he barely moves if someone needs to get by. And he left to go on a break, and this woman sat there and was using a TV stand to put her laptop on and plug into the wall, and then this ass came back and said “I was sitting there, I’m really attached to this chair.” So he makes her move, and she is understandably pissed off, and he’s not even using the plug or anything. What an asshole.

One good thing is that the coffee shop is cheap. I got a pastry and large coffee for $3.50. One of those cheap packaged pastries that is one of my guilty pleasures. And there is free wifi here which is nice. I’m going to work on posting more New York photos.

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Today Hubby told me that there are Google ads on my blog. Since I’m logged in all the time I don’t see them. I logged out and checked out my site and a few others and I still didn’t see the ads, but I saw them on his computer. I don’t know why that is happening. But he did point out that one of the ads was for In-Home-Pet-Euthanasia! What the hell is up with that? It was even on my post of “Too Adorable.” I don’t want people to look at an absolutely adorable kitten and think of pet euthanasia! So I just want to make sure that people know I have nothing to do with them.

Here is a funny picture to make you feel better:

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