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So the other day Hubby and I were coming home from running errands, and we’re at a stop sign near our apartment and there are kids walking home from elementary school. So it’s elementary school, these kids can’t be more than 10 years old, 11 tops. So one boy is skipping across the crosswalk, and seems very happy. BUT HE HAS MAN BOOBS!!!! They were bouncing as he skipped! At first we chuckled, but then the utter horror of the situation set it. A 10 year old so overweight that he had breasts. For those of you who don’t know what man boobs, or moobs, are, here’s a look from one of my favorite movies of all time:

When a child is in elementary school, they really don’t have much control over what they eat or how much activity they get. So this weight problem, unless it’s some thyroid thing, is the fault of the parents. How can they let their son be so fat? Give him healthier things to eat! Make him get off the couch and do something! Go to the park with him! He’s going to be diabetic by the time he’s 20 and then die of a heart attack before he reaches 30. It’s insane! Seeing kids like that totally makes me angry! I mean yes, I’m overweight, but that’s my own damn fault cuz I like food too much and have no willpower. But I would do everything possible not to let my child get like that!

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It’s fall and it’s been over 100 degrees for days and will continue to be unbearably hot for days to come! ARGH!!! The sun has sapped me of all energy which is my excuse for being too lazy to post anything.


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So on the radio earlier this week I heard the news people say repeatedly that the current recession ended LAST JUNE. Stupid employed politicians and economists thinking that everything’s better now. I was ready to punch my radio, but then I remembered I was going to be out of work soon so couldn’t pay for medical.

I guess they forgot to tell the millions of unemployed people that they should get back to work. I was unemployed for 7 months since the recession ended, and since today’s my last day at my current job I’m going to be unemployed again! People keep saying it’s a “jobless recovery.” Well if there are no jobs, and everybody is still collecting unemployment insurance or they’ve been unemployed for so long their insurance has run out, it’s not really a recovery, is it?

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So last Sunday Appelina and I went to a printmaking class in Santa Monica. As we left the parking lot to go to the class we saw four people with a brindle pit bull puppy holding it by the collar. We asked what was up and they said that a truck had gone by and the dog had jumped out of a window. They got the dog out of the street and tried to flag down the car but couldn’t. They said there were other dogs in the car so maybe the driver didn’t realize this one had jumped out. A traffic cop was there and he had called animal control and they were waiting for animal control to get there. These were four people from out of town who were doing a wonderful thing for this puppy. I forgot to take a picture of the puppy but he looked like this:

Just look how adorable that puppy is! The one from the truck was so cute and friendly, everyone was coming up to pet him and he was having a ball. I am going to rant in list form today. Here I go:

1. Put a damn seat belt on your dog, they sell attachments in pet stores. If you are going to keep your windows wide open, or keep your dog in the bed of your truck, secure the pup so he doesn’t get out!

2. Put a damn license on your dog’s collar! Not just a barbell key fob thing! If this dog had had a license tag on his collar we could have just called the owners, and then I could have yelled at them in person.

3. How can you not F*ing notice your dog fell out of your car you total a-hole? How would you like it if I shoved you out of a moving vehicle? Let’s see if you fare as well as your puppy!

4. Bastards should not be pet owners.

5. Stupid people should not be pet owners.

We consoled ourselves with the thought that this is a cute adorable puppy who is very friendly and if his owners do not pick him up at the shelter he will probably be adopted quickly, possibly to a better home.

My advice today: if you are stupid or a bastard or a stupid bastard, give your pets to a nice, smart person instead. They will know how to take care of them.

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Watch out, this is the depressing edition. This will not be funny. I am angry and sad.

So some of you may know that my dad died last February after a battling Parkinson disease and other issues. And I may have ranted somewhere that life is NOT FAIR, and bad things happen to good people. Well, it happened again.

My parents are very good friends with a family, the father of which was one of my dad’s doctors for a very long time until he (the doctor) retired. My parents stayed friends with them. The doctor and his adult daughter were at our house after my dad died. They have always been supportive. Well, the doctor has been battling cancer for a couple of years but was winning. Although in his 80’s, he still had years left in him, and he was very up beat and active.

Last week he had some type of body scan that shows tumors. He had a tumor. So he went into surgery and they removed it and ran all sorts of tests and it was benign. And he came though the surgery fine and was doing well. Then later the his daughter noticed he wasn’t looking good so called the Infection Disease specialists and a doctor came and prescribed antibiotics because nobody had given him any yet. And nobody gave him any antibiotics for nearly 24 hours after the doctor prescribed them!

His daughter and wife left the room for a little bit, either to go to the cafeteria or to go home for a bit, my mom had forgotten which, and when they came back he had tubes going in and out and was in a stupor. He died and they didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. .

The fucking hospital killed him because of carelessness and mismanagement. One doctor said he could have lived at least another few years if he hadn’t come in for the surgery that resulted in an infection because he wasn’t given antibiotics soon enough. So a man who spent the majority of his life helping other people get better died in a hospital for NO FUCKING REASON. There are just no words to express how infuriating this is. I hope his family sues, not for money because they don’t need it, but to stop things like this from happening again.

The hospital was Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills. My mom also knows two other people who came out much worse than when they went in to that hospital, so don’t ever go there.


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Hubby and I are totally fed up with AT&T. We use them for home phone, internet, and cellphones. And they get way too much of our money each month. Plus, when we’re trying to use the internet we constantly get dropped or have a super slow connection. So why the hell should we keep paying them $28/month?

So we just bought this cool new device from Virgin Mobile called the mifi.

It is a wireless router that runs on the Sprint network, but we actually pay a monthly NO CONTRACT fee of $40. Yes, it it more than AT&T, but it actually works! While we still get dropped, it is much less frequently than with AT&T, and it’s much faster. I would much rather give more money to Virgin for something that works. Plus, it comes with happy packaging:

Soon we may cancel our contracts with AT&T for our cellphones and get Virgin pay as you go plans. But wait, doesn’t it cost a lot of money to break your contract with a cell phone carrier? Why yes, it does! But this weekend I performed a cost-benefit analysis, and learned that if I break my contract with AT&T for my cellphone with texting and data plan, plus purchase a new cell phone from Virgin, I still will save $950 over the next 19 months!! That’s the remainder of my contract. That’s $50 a month. For $25 a month from Virgin I can get unlimited texting and data plan, plus 300 anytime minutes. I only use about 100 minutes a month anyway. So F*CK AT&T!!!


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Yes, it’s actually raining a bit. A heavy drizzle. I love the rain. The deer don’t seem to mind it too much. It almost makes up for the fact that I”M STILL SICK. Blech. I went home early yesterday and slept and ate udon soup and popsicles and slept and watched Netflix on demand and slept some more and felt crappy. I was going to call in sick again today but my stupid internet wouldn’t work (hence an upcoming post, SCREW AT&T!!!). And I got so frustrated I just said screw it, I’ll go to work, shut the door, and sleep in my office.

Here is a picture of Squeaky sleeping in a pile of crap in my bedroom. It’s her new favorite place to sleep. So now I can’t clean my room, can I?


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