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This is a Wall Street Journal photo of the day. I should get a water buffalo for the kitties to ride around on. 

Or I could get a mini donkey!!

Or a puppy.

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My Hubby actually took these photos when we were in Maui. He did one of those sunrise bike rides where they bus you up the volcano and then after sunrise you bike down it. I was busy sleeping and then getting a massage while he did this.



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I haven’t given my Hubby is Hanukkah present yet, but he’s at work and probably won’t look at this until after he opens the present, so it’s safe to post it now.


I hope it will make Hubby smile. Plus I got one for me, because they were on sale if you bought two. I don’t usually like pink, but I decided to buy it anyway.

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More proof that nature has a sense of humor.

This rock spotted by Hubby on our trip to Palm Springs this weekend.

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So Hubby finished the marathon somewhat intact. He still has all his toenails, but for how long?


It looks like he has gray nail polish on, plus a giant blister. EW.

Here is the medal he got for finishing:


I am very proud of him. Now I feel lazy.

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I live in Los Angeles. Every once in a while during the winter, we get this strange phenomenon called “snow.” It’s this frozen water that appears overnight like magic! Considering our winters rarely get below 50F degrees, getting snow in the nearby mountains low enough to hike to is very rare indeed. It snowed over the weekend so Hubby and I took the opportunity to hike to some nearby snow in the Angeles Forest.

Oh my God it's SNOW!!

Snow in the distance. We didn't go quite that high.

Mountain lion tracks or big puppy?

Hubby hiking. He started a snowball fight. I won when I nailed him in his manly bits on accident.

Hubby showing off his waterproof boots at a river crossing.

Still going up!

Pretty cloud formation.

A view of the La Crescenta valley. We live on the other side of those mountains.

Pretty yellow flowers.

A turkey vulture - black feathers with a featherless red head.

Cute fuzzy plants.

A fire came through the mountains last year. Here are some charred stumps surrounded by new green growth.






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For New Year’s Eve Hubby and I went to Palm Springs. On 12/31, we went to the Coachella Valley Preserve, which has marshy areas and palm tree groves, a real oasis in the desert. Here are some pics.

A lonely poofy cloud over the freeway, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

This toilet seat cover rotates so you sit on a sanitized toilet every time! I love technology!

This is one of the bridges through the palm grove. The palms grow close together so it's very dense.

A stump of a palm in the middle of other palms.

Palm leaves intertwining. I think palms in Los Angeles would do this too but gardeners trim off the dried up leaves leaving only the green on top.

Baby tree amidst grownup trees.

Looking straight up.

A bird living in the palms, still not sure what kind it is.

Raccoon prints!

McCallum's Pond at the oasis, very high saline content. Crystal clear.

Walking away from the groves into "Moon Country."

A Vista Point!! In honor of my dad who could never pass by a good vista without taking at least 20 photos.

A bit of "moon country," the Coachella Valley desert.

More desert. Since it is winter it was in the 50's. We hiked for 2 hours, which we wouldn't have been able to do in the summer.

Snow!! But so far away...


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