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Carnies, or carnival workers, are the stuff of legends. Like American gypsies, they have their own culture, which outsiders seldom penetrate.

Picture from sfgate

Recently I came across a news article from 1957 that mentioned a riot at a fair in Palo Alto. I found it quite entertaining. Here is a direct quote from it:

“Hey, Rube,” the traditional battle cry of carnival people, rang out and show workers rushed forward with tent stakes, wrenches, and anything else they could grab.

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My quote, which I came up with while watching Casa Blanca (I think), is up on Daily Calligraphy!!

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So on the radio this morning I heard about this blog where the wife of a sleep talkin’ man records what he says and then posts it. These are totally random yet somehow make sense. And you can buy quotes on T-shirts! I think I’ll get “It’s cake o’clock! All day long” for my friend A, who enjoys a good slice of cake.

Sleep Talkin’ Man.

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