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It’s Adam and Eve out for a stroll!

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What the hell is a glyptodont you may ask? It’s my new favorite prehistoric critter. It’s sort of like a one ton armadillo. I want one so I can ride around on it. I will name him Brutus.

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Here are some of the cool dinosaurs at the museum. Ignore all those damn tourists that were in my shots.

Here is the front of a brontosaurus.

Here is the back of the brontosaurus.

And a Tyrannosaurus Rex. As seen in Jurassic Park.

A triceratops. I could probably fit my fist through its nasal cavity.

A stegosaurus.

A cute little skinny dinosaur.

A pterodactyl.

Here are two duck-billed dinosaurs. I've always liked these, they seem kind of cute.

The duck-billed dinosaurs, Anatotitan copei (giant duck), had an interesting story along with them. Taken from the museum display, “The skeleton mounted in a feeding pose was collected in 1882 by a field party working for the paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope, and was later purchased by the American Museum. The upright skeleton was discovered by cowboys in 1904. Its location was eventually disclosed to Barnum Brown after a series of negotiations involving a “six-shooter” and $250. The excavation, in 1906, took three weeks and necessitated blowing up a hill.” Very funny.

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I love natural history museums. They are more interesting to me than art museums. New York has one of the nicest in the country: the American Museum of Natural History. They even have apps you can download for your ipad or iphone that shows the dinosaurs at the museum, as well as one for the rest of the exhibits. There’s free wifi at the museum so I was able to load it while I waited in line for the museum to open. Here’s the outside of the museum:

Here is the front of the museum. As often happens when I go on vacation, it was covered in scaffolding.

Here is another wing of the museum. It is sort of a mish-mash of architectural styles and additions.

Here is the entrance hall:

The entrance hall of the museum has a beautiful ceiling, plus two big dinosaurs in it.

This is a barosaurus skeleton.

This is an allosaurus.

And here is a note for visitors: Don’t let your kids play on the dinosaurs. This may seem like common sense to most people, but I guess some people are just STUPID.

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