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AKA, The Crimson Altar. A British movie from 1968, with witches, satanic rituals, and Boris Karloff!! This movie was pretty funny and I enjoyed it. Later while looking for pictures of it I realized the movie is probably colorized, since the press photos are in black and white.

You know this movie is going to be good because…

In the first minute we have:

  1. A woman with green body paint wearing golden ram horns on her head.
  2. A blonde tied to a table being whipped by…
  3. A dominatrix with black nipple pasties, seen through a green camera filter.
  4. A strange little man also seen through a green camera filter.
  5. A scantily clad woman holding a rooster.
  6. A man with a goat.
  7. A man wearing chains, a black leather speedo, and a hat with deer horns on it (and he has man boobies).
  8. A normal guy who looks like a businessman.

12 minutes into the movie we have a party where:

  1. An artist painting on a woman’s breasts.
  2. A cat fight with the two women up on men’s shoulders.
  3. A woman pouring champagne on herself and men drinking it off of her.
  4. A token black woman with an afro.

Other wondrous things:

  1. A man in a wheelchair (Boris Karloff) that is pushed around by a mute in a chauffeur’s uniform and sunglasses named Basil.
  2. Gratuitous sex with full rear female nudity.
  3. A vicar who is not evil or in league with the devil.
  4. A dead butler.


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