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This movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities. It’s an Italian horror flick. It was horrible. A woman playing Lady MacBeth in an opera, and since MacBeth is infamous as an unlucky production, people start dying and stuff. Later we find out that the madmen actually killed the woman’s mother years ago, although he doesn’t look old enough. Apparently her mother got off on the killings, and so he’s trying to impress the daughter by killing everybody, or something like that. And then you think he dies at the end, but NO! He faked it and now he shows up at the end to get her, but the police are on his tail and they catch up to him in the Alps, or something. The police save her. And is she traumatized? No, she just goes around hugging the flowers and saying she’s free. BOOOOO!!!!

Plus, the opera of MacBeth in this movie was supposed to be all avant garde ¬†and crap, and it made me think of the LA Opera’s production of The Ring Cycle. I had been looking forward to watching this opera ever since I was little and saw Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd to Flight of the Valkyries. And the LA Opera destroyed it by making it all “modern” and putting a giant gold Monopoly-piece top had on the dwarf guy. I WAS SO PISSED!!!!! I mean, just look how stupid the costumes look! They even had light sabers. UGH!

Thank you for letting me rant. Here is the full version of Bugs Bunny’s Ride of the Valkyries:

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